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Listen to the Honda Civic Type R growl for the first time

This year is going to rock.

Everything we know about the 2017 Honda Civic Type R is on paper -- capabilities, output, stuff like that. But we haven't yet seen or heard its fury, until now.

Honda threw out a little teaser trailer for the Civic Type R, which is supposed to go on sale late in the spring. The majority of the video shows off parts of the car, whether it's the overly aggressive aerodynamics or the shift lights in the middle of the digital tachometer. For the time time, we also get to hear its four-banger roar at the end of the video.

Well, it's less of a roar and more of a gnarly burble, but nevertheless, it's the first time we're hearing the new 306-horsepower Type R motor. It's a good sound, and it only has us more excited to slide behind the wheel of Honda's latest performance model.

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