Listen to the four-cylinder 2018 Jaguar F-Type purr

I had reservations, but this video helped put them to rest.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

When Jaguar said it added a four-cylinder model to the F-Type lineup for 2018, I got worried. But then I heard the engine, and now I'm not.

Jaguar put out a new video touting both the 2018 F-Type and its new four-cylinder engine, part of Jaguar's Ingenium modular engine family. Starting at 0:53 in the video above, you can hear it, and it's not half bad. It's a bit like other four-cylinder performance cars, in that it's got a bass-heavy growl with some free-flowing exhaust burbles.

I was concerned originally because the V6 and V8 F-Types are so insanely excellent on the ears. They roar and pop like nothing else, so the I4 F-Type had a lot to live up to. I4s aren't the best sounding arrangement of cylinders, but this new 2.0-liter unit should fit right into the family photo.

Starting at $59,000, the four-banger F-Type puts out 296 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. With an eight-speed automatic and all power heading to the rear wheels, it'll hit 60 mph in 5.4 seconds, which is slower than its more-powerful brethren but still pretty darn sporty.

(Hat tip to Jalopnik!)