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Listen as the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon clears its throat

This latest teaser is all about the noise, and what a wondrous noise it is.


Dodge is now in its tenth week of teasing the SRT Demon bound for New York. This week, aural pleasure is on the docket.

This week's teaser video brings the noise. The Demon revs for a little while, then it tears off down a racetrack. It sounds meaner than the Hellcat, with more of an unhinged exhaust note that makes way for egregious supercharger whine. There's also a strange burble that we noticed, but Dodge has an answer for it.

Dodge claims the new exhaust note is due in part to something it calls "torque reserve." It closes the supercharger's bypass and adjusts fuel flow and timing to the cylinders. The goal is to let more air into the engine before launch, but without the torque overwhelming the brakes and lighting up the rear tires.

So it can build boost before it leaves the line, and it'll hit that maximum supercharger pressure more quickly, with the goal of reducing time spent tearing down the drag strip. It's a bit like a turbocharged car's anti-lag setup, which operates under similar premises. Sounds like a riot. We can't wait to see it in person at the New York Auto Show.

Before we go, do you have any idea what the Demon's license plate could mean? Toss your best guesses into the comments below.