Lincoln Aviator, Corsair and Nautilus will now offer Monochromatic Package

The expensive yet chic package was previously only available on the flagship Navigator.

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Want cars with color? Not here, buddy.


At this point, it'd be pretty tough for anyone to deny that Lincoln is on a roll. Its Navigator is a huge seller for the brand, and its smaller SUVs have been successful in taking what makes the Navigator great and putting it in a more affordable package. 

According to an announcement made Friday by Lincoln, the next step in that mission is to trickle the Navigator's gorgeous Monochromatic Package down to the , and . As you'd expect, the Monochromatic Package limits buyers to the colors pristine white, ceramic pearl, asher gray and infinite black (depending on the model). Also, it brings that color to the grille and name badge for continuity. Other changes include unique 20- or 22-inch wheels.

"The monochromatic palette is clean [and] uncluttered and emphasizes the beautiful lines of our Lincoln SUVs," Earl Lucas, Lincoln chief exterior designer, said in a statement. "From the Corsair, Nautilus, Aviator to Navigator, this option not only enables us to keep our lineup fresh, but also gives our clients a unique option to personalize their Lincoln SUV."

We asked Lincoln for more information on pricing and availability, but its representatives didn't immediately respond. The package retails for $3,495 on the 2020 Navigator, so we'd expect it to stay close to that or even be slightly cheaper on the smaller SUVs.

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