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Lincoln to introduce Corsair luxury SUV at New York Auto Show

The new model is expected to replace the MKC in Lincoln's lineup.

Lincoln Corsair teaser photo
Lincoln's next SUV will be called the Corsair.

Lincoln announced Wednesday it will reveal a new luxury SUV called the Corsair at next month's New York Auto Show. So far the automaker has released no details on the Corsair, aside from saying that it's an all-new model.

Lincoln's teaser image shows that the Corsair will have a fairly traditional compact-crossover silhouette, with a slightly sloped roofline and a spoiler above the rear window. As to the interior, it's a fair bet that, as with other new Lincoln products, the Corsair will be offered with a luxurious Black Label trim package.

The new model is expected to replace the Lincoln MKC, which is currently the brand's smallest, most affordable crossover. The current MKC was introduced in 2014 as a 2015 model, and received updates for the 2017 and 2019 model years. Still, the luxury-crossover space is packed, especially on the compact end of the spectrum. With luxury shoppers eagerly snapping up all the crossovers they can get their hands on, it's smart for Lincoln to introduce a new, fresher model to replace the MKC.

The Corsair continues Lincoln's cadence of launching several new crossovers and SUVs, following in the footsteps of the Navigator, Aviator and Nautilus. The current MKC shares its basic underpinnings with the Ford Escape, and it's possible the new Corsair will also bear some relation to Ford's crossover. For now, though, Lincoln is staying mum on any specifics other than the new model's name.

We'll find out more when the Lincoln Corsair is revealed in New York on April 17.