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Lime Prime: Scooter rental company adds new monthly subscription service

The "micromobility" company is waiving rental unlock fees for $5.99 per month.

Matthew Reamer/Lime

Scooter, bicycle and moped rental company Lime has launched a new subscription service ahead of the summer called Lime Prime. It'll waive all vehicle unlock fees -- or offer a 25% discount on all rides in markets where there are no unlock fees -- for $5.99 per month.

The service will benefit frequent users the most. Lime said a daily user will save at least $25 per month. New users will be able to get a free month of the service for a limited time. In addition, Prime users will be able to reserve vehicles for 30-minute periods at no cost, rather than the 10-minute free period available to nonmembers.

Lime has pledged to plant one tree for every new paying subscriber who joins Lime Prime by mid-July.

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