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Lime's car-sharing service is kaput after pilot program in Seattle

LimePod, as the service is known, will stop at the end of the year.

Lime LimePod service
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It's the end of the road for Lime's car-sharing service. LimePod will end operations in Seattle after just shy of a year on the market.

The news first broke in a GeekWire report on Thursday, which cited a company spokesperson confirming the service's end. According to the report, the service will pack up for good come Dec. 31, but it will stop taking new LimePod users on Oct. 14.

Roadshow confirmed with Lime that LimePod will shut down on Dec. 31. A company spokesperson said in a statement, "We deeply appreciate our partnership with the Seattle community and the opportunity to collaborate on our LimePod Pilot Program."

The statement added, "The experience is a testament to the city's forward-looking position on the future of transportation and the necessity of sustainable options for citizens. We are similarly committed to that goal and the information gained during our pilot will support the work necessary should we decide to expand and improve this service with an all-electric fleet in the future."

Those currently enrolled in the LimePod service will still have access through the end of this year, but next month, Lime will begin reducing the number of cars in the fleet.

LimePod started in November 2018 and cast itself as a free-flowing car-share service. Rather than seeking out designated stalls, users could park their LimePod car in a city parking space. The entire process works via a smartphone application with no car keys, either.

The future could see a tweaked service, however, as the spokesperson said when the time is right, and things align, Lime is still interested in an all-electric fleet for a car-sharing service.

The end of the service comes as the program was growing. Lime registered more than 18,000 riders that took over 200,000 trips since last November. Lime fans will still find the bright green bicycles and scooters throughout Seattle, however.

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Originally published Sept. 20, 12:00 p.m. PT.
Update, 12:16 p.m.: Adds confirmation from Lime on the service's end.