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Heavy stuff, man: Watch this guy lift a Mini Cooper using an exoskeleton

Kind of makes you feel bad about what you do in your spare time, doesn't it?

Automakers use technology to improve their vehicles and provide more whiz-bang gadgetry for owners. Bored engineers use technology to lift those cars right off the ground -- well, one does, at least.

After creating an exoskeleton capable of helping him curl 275 pounds on national television, James Hobson -- the man behind YouTube channel The Hacksmith -- used the lower half of a new exoskeleton design to lift a 2,524-pound Mini Cooper.

From what we can see, a tank full of pressurized air extends two pistons by Hobson's legs, and as he rises, so does the car. It's a damned impressive feat, and he's not even finished with the suit yet. Here's hoping the final rendition can pick the Mini up and throw it a few hundred feet, a la The Hulk.