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Josh Miller/CNET

Life in the slow lane with the Toyota Avalon

CNET Car Tech reviews the 2010 Toyota Avalon.

Toyota Avalon
Josh Miller/CNET

As Toyota's luxury sedan, the Avalon is difficult to figure out. People who outgrow their Camrys are supposed to step up to Lexus. But maybe Lexus is too fancy for some people, so Toyota has provided an alternative. That alternative is somewhat like a Lexus ES 350, but with inferior cabin tech and ride quality.

The Avalon is your basic front-wheel-drive sedan with a 3.5-liter engine, a vanilla formulation in the car world that should, however, meet a lot of needs. The cabin tech sports some modern features, such as its voice-controllable Bluetooth phone system, but the navigation system still relies on a DVD.

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