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Lexus' UX Concept is actually pretty scary

Take a good look at that grille before it eats your children.

"Feed me your happiness and dreams, please."


If Lexus had its way, it would have an analogue for every Toyota model. But the Toyota C-HR has gone years without a fancy luxury version. Now, at the Paris Motor Show, we're seeing a Lexus concept that could become a C-HR variant, and it's...scary.

The Lexus UX Concept isn't only likely to become a production model, it's also the stuff of nightmares. With exaggeratedly massive wheels made of knives, front fenders from a cubist reimagining of a Porsche 911 and an interior that's barely rooted in reality, it's a proper concept car in that it's properly ludicrous.

Once you move inside the car, it gets even crazier. The seats are barely more than spider webs, borrowing largely from the Lexus Kinetic Seat concept. The interior sports a see-through A-pillar and 3D imagery in the gauge cluster, as well.

Of course, underneath all the crazy, there's plenty to learn about Lexus' future aspirations. It's fairly obvious from a quick glance that it's meant to be a parallel to the Toyota C-HR, and will likely come to production in a much more sensible format, like a smaller NX.

Also, it seems apparent that Lexus is trying to ditch the banality associated with Toyota Motor Corporation by placing a heavier focus on in-car tech and polarizing looks. We've seen this happen with its recent vehicles such as NX and RX. With the introduction of the UX Concept, Lexus is making sure it stands out -- about as far away from the crowd as possible, really.