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Lexus teases next-gen LS sedan ahead of January's Detroit auto show

This new model will mark the full-size luxury car's fifth generation.

We're right about a month away from the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, which means it's right about time for the teasers to start falling out of the woodwork. Next up is Lexus and its LS sedan.

There's a fair bit to glean from the teaser image for the forthcoming LS. The front end features the same spindle grille as other new Lexus models, and it appears the headlights will follow in the same tradition, putting a thin strip of headlight just above an even thinner strip of running lights. Expect more evolution than revolution in that regard.

I'm not-so-secretly hoping the LS is just an LC with two extra doors. Lexus' new coupe is drop-dead gorgeous.


Then again, what we don't see is rather telling, too. The whole top half and rear end of the car is missing, leading me to believe that this part of the car will undergo the most radical redesign.

Lexus hasn't updated any of its sedans to match the same wacky look seen in its crossover offerings, like the RX and NX, so the LS could be the first to move in that direction.

If the LC coupe is any indicator, it'll be a looker. We'll know for sure when it debuts in Detroit in the second week of January.