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Lexus shows full-frontal of LF-LC Hybrid Sport Coupe concept

Lexus has been slowly dribbling out photos of a concept it will unveil at the 2012 North International American Auto Show, finally releasing these full-front shots.

Lexus LF-LC 2+2 Hybrid Sport Coupe Concept

Lexus brought the game of teasing upcoming car show unveilings to new heights by issuing a third photo of the LF-LC 2+2 Hybrid Sport Coupe concept ahead of the 2012 Detroit auto show.

The first photo came out, with few other details, almost a month ago, and was followed more than a week later by a slightly more revealing photo. Now we get a clear, full-frontal shot along with a more detailed side view of Lexus' concept.

The concept takes the sharp, some would say ugly, styling of the Lexus LFA supercar to more extreme levels. The long, lower intake of the grille and indented sides give it an hourglass shape. The LED headlights (this is a concept car, remember) are set deep in the front fenders. Big side intakes look appropriate to cool the brakes or a sequential transmission, if it has one.

The concept bears some resemblance to the Scion FR-S and the Ferrari California, although that would be more due to the general look of front-engine sport coupes than any design intent.

Lexus remains quiet about the power train driving the car, beyond the fact it is supposed to be a hybrid. For the LF-LC to deserve the appellation Sport Coupe, it will need something more aggressive than Lexus' current hybrid system.

Lexus LF-LC 2+2 Hybrid Sport Coupe Concept
The side shot of the LF-LC reveals big intakes appropriate for cooling brakes or possibly a transaxle. Lexus