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Lexus teases Toyota BZ4X-based RZ EV

The RZ EV is expected to arrive in 2022.

Lexus RZ Teaser
This is a familiar shape indeed.

Lexus released a trio of teaser images on Thursday showing its forthcoming RZ electric crossover. And while the company won't confirm for sure, we have every reason to believe the RZ will share its architecture with the Toyota BZ4X EV, which also pulls double duty as the new Subaru Solterra.

As you can see, the RZ's profile is extremely similar to the BZ4X, just with a lot more body surfacing. The front looks to have Lexus' typical angular design (but hey, no massive spindle grille required), and the rear has slim taillights and a little ducktail spoiler across the hatch.

The RZ crossover is essentially the production version of the LF-Z concept Lexus showed earlier this year. At the time, we were told the road-going EV would launch before 2025, but Lexus later confirmed the production car would arrive in 2022. Given the fact that the BZ4X is already out, it makes sense that the Lexus version isn't too far behind.

RZ powertrain details are still TBD, but for reference, the BZ4X uses either a 71.4- or 72.8-kilowatt-hour battery pack, depending on driveline configuration (front-wheel versus all-wheel drive). Toyota estimates a 250-mile range for the front-wheel drive BZ4X; all-wheel-drive versions should do a bit worse.

Look for the Lexus RZ to debut early next year.

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