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Lexus shows off RZ 450e battery-electric SUV

The EV is Lexus' take on the Toyota/Subaru BZ4X/Solterra.

No surprises here, it's a BZ4X with a spindle grille.

Well, it was only a matter of time before Lexus got in on the hot, battery-electric SUV action that its parent company Toyota and its partner Subaru are into, and now that time has arrived. Lexus decided to show off its RZ 450e on Thursday and as you might expect, it looks like a slightly fancier and more styled version of the Toyota BZ4X on which it'll be based.

It's not a great beauty, but it's not terrible either.


We don't know much about it other than its name and how it looks, but given how relatively early into its battery-electric vehicle journey Lexus and Toyota are, we'd bet it's pretty damned similar to its more affordable cousin. 

In case you forgot, the BZ4X is available as either a front-wheel drive single-motor or all-wheel drive dual-motor vehicle with 201 or 215 horsepower, respectively. It's also expected to return approximately 215 miles of range. We'd expect the Lexus version to do slightly worse, given the likelihood of increased bells and whistles due to its luxury badge.

The BX4X is slated to hit the market sometime in the spring of 2022, but we have no idea when to expect the RZ 450e, but we'd be more than a little surprised if it showed up much later than that.

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