Lexus RC Black Line package paints a dark picture in New York

If your RC coupe isn't evil enough, this new package could help.

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I imagine this is the color they call Caviar, because this would be a weird shade to refer to as Atomic Silver.


Running low on stuff to promote at an international auto show? A relatively simple appearance package should suffice, as evidenced by ' latest offering.

Lexus will use the 2018 New York Auto Show to debut its new F Sport Black Line Special Edition. Available exclusively on the RC coupe lineup, the F Sport Black Line is just a simple appearance package that gives your car a slightly more evil edge.

Limited to just 650 units going on sale this spring, the Black Line package is offered in one of two exterior colors -- Caviar (which appears to be black) and Atomic Silver. Matte black wheels are standard, as is black chrome trim accents and the buyer's choice of orange or black brake calipers.

Inside, buyers get a whole bunch of orange contrast stitching, in addition to a wood-trimmed steering wheel with different shades of black that allegedly come from a centuries-old Japanese calligraphy shop.

Standard equipment on this trim includes navigation, a Mark Levinson audio system and LED headlights. It's available on both the 2.0-liter RC 300 coupe, as well as the V6-powered RC 350, in both RWD and AWD flavors. The starting price for the RC 300 F Sport Black Line edition is $51,730, and you can see the full pricing below.

Lexus RC F Sport Black Line Pricing

RC 300 F Sport Black Line RWD $51,730
RC 300 F Sport Black Line AWD $53,755
RC 350 F Sport Black Line RWD $54,660
RC 350 F Sport Black Line AWD $56,120

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