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SUVs on ice: Watch this Lexus roll around on wheels made of frozen water

Believe it or not, this little stunt took three months of research and design to complete.

What's cooler than being cool? Ice cold!

When you're out for a winter drive and your tires aren't supplying grip, you might complain that your tires are "frozen." But they aren't literally frozen -- unless you're driving this Lexus NX, that is. This crossover has wheels that are, quite literally, built from solid blocks of ice.

The wheels aren't 100 percent ice, but they're close. Lexus used a moving flow of softened water to ensure the ice was perfectly clear, and they contain acrylic inserts to support the car's full weight.

Each wheel took 36 hours to produce, with all its details being chiseled out by hand. To ensure a faithful transition from rubber to ice, the car's original wheels and tires were laser-scanned to capture every detail, down to the individual tire treads.

The wheels are also outfitted with LED lights, because it wouldn't be flashy enough otherwise. To fill out the theme of freezing things, Lexus tossed the entire NX crossover into a deep freezer, where it sat for five days at -30 degrees Celsius (-22 degrees Fahrenheit). Lexus claims the car started on the first crank after coming out of the freezer.

Below, you can see the car take its first ride on its new wheels, along with a making-of video that gives you an in-depth look at the effort required to create wheels from crystal-clear ice blocks.