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Lexus will bring its next-generation hybrid system to Geneva

And it'll be hidden under yet another gorgeous variant of the LC luxury sport coupe.

There's no word whether the hybrid variant of the LC will place the focus on performance or efficiency.


Lexus damn near broke the Detroit Auto Show when it unveiled the LC 500 luxury coupe. After all, it's not often that concepts move to production with very few changes, but the LC did just that. But the company isn't done with its forthcoming flagship just yet.

The Japanese automaker announced that it would bring a second variant, the LC 500h hybrid, to the Geneva Motor Show in March. There's only one major detail on offer at the moment -- the LC 500h will sport the next iteration of Lexus' hybrid system. Thus, one couldn't consider the LC 500h to be a different Lexus under the skin -- this one's all new.

The LC started out life as the LF-LC concept, which came out in 2012. It's similar to the current LF-FC concept, a hydrogen-powered leviathan of a luxury sedan that speaks to the next generation of full-size Lexus offerings. The LF-FC will be at Geneva, as well.