Lexus might finally debut a three-row RX crossover this year

It's about time.

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Right now, if you want a three-row Lexus crossover, you'll have to buy a truck-frame behemoth like the GX or LX. For years, folks have wondered if the smaller, unibody RX would grow a third row, and it appears those prayers may finally get answered this year.

Lexus plans to reveal a three-row RX crossover at the Tokyo Motor Show in October, Japanese car outlet Mag-X reports. Considering the RX is one of Lexus' top sellers, it could greatly expand the crossover's appeal with the addition of a third row.

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Toss a third row in there, and there won't be much room for junk in the trunk.

Wayne Cunningham/Roadshow

According to Mag-X's story, the three-row RX will have the same wheelbase as the current RX, but the rear overhang will be extended to accommodate the third row. The current RX body disallows a third row, since there's barely any space between the second row and the rear glass.

The third row likely wouldn't be for everyday use, but rather for occasional situations that call for a third row, like if your in-laws come to town. With all three rows full, the second row will lose a bit of legroom, and a sketch that Mag-X has makes it look like the whole car will be a bit cramped. But nevertheless, it'll have a third row, which is a selling point.

Not only are Lexus' only three-row crossovers built on truck frames, they're massive and quite expensive. The RX occupies a lower price tier, starting in the low $40,000s, which puts it up against vehicles that offer three rows, such as the Acura MDX, Land Rover Discovery and Volvo XC90. Even though they may not use them every day, many buyers appreciate a third row. 

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