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Lexus is embracing middle age, debuting the LM minivan in Shanghai

Finally, a truly luxurious minivan befitting all the self-appointed Kings and Queens of the Road out there.

Check it out! We messed with the settings on Lexus' newest LM teaser and got some fairly definitive proof that it's based on the Alphard and Vellfire vans.


Not long ago we went a little off of the deep end trying to rationalize whether a certain Lexus teaser image foretold the coming of a Lexus minivan.

Well, guess what? We were right. Lexus confirmed via a Chinese press release from Monday dug up by that it would be debuting a luxury MPV (aka minivan) at this year's Shanghai Motor Show, plus, we now have a reasonably good idea of what it will be based on.

Our dreams of a hyper-luxe Sienna are sadly likely never to come to pass, because the LM will almost certainly be based on the Alphard van. If you haven't heard of the Alphard, it's a weird-looking seven- or eight-passenger van sold primarily in Southeast Asia, Russia and a few places in the Middle East.

What's interesting is that Lexus is classifying the LM as one of its flagship vehicles alongside the LX, the LS, the LC and Lexus' own literal ship, the LY yacht. That, to us, shows that Toyota's fancy cousin is putting considerable resources behind this new Cadillac of minivans, and friends, when Lexus throws resources at projects, it usually turns out pretty great.

Keep an eye on Roadshow for more coverage of the Shanghai Motor Show and all the wild and likely forbidden fruit that gets debuted there.