Lexus LC 'Black Panther' concept leans heavily on vibranium

There's enough of the imaginary metal in there to make Captain America's shield jealous.

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Concept cars tend to dabble in technologies that aren't quite yet ready for the mainstream, but rarely do they go so far off the map that they start incorporating materials that don't actually exist.

In advance of the SEMA aftermarket trade show, Lexus unveiled the Black Panther Inspired LC concept. As the name very obviously suggests, the Lexus concept takes the LC coupe and reimagines it within the "Black Panther" universe, itself a part of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The concept leans heavily on vibranium, an imaginary metal that comprises Black Panther's suit, Captain America 's shield and other major parts of the MCU. The paint on the concept features vibranium that makes it virtually bulletproof. It can also drive for much longer than your average LC, because it has a vibranium-powered core that replaces traditional gasoline.

The car also sports a unique "Brain/Computer Interface" that fosters a symbiotic relationship between the car and its pilot, and a different interface allows the vehicle to be driven remotely.

(It should be noted that none of this has any bearing in reality. Lexus did not create a replacement for gasoline and throw it into a comic-book-inspired show car.)

Moving back to reality, the concept also features underbody neon lights, a side mirror built to resemble a panther's claw and a giant Black Panther mask inlay on the hood. The interior is, by concept standards, pretty boring, as it's largely the same as the standard LC -- to be fair, though, the LC's interior is very, very pretty.

While you can check out this Lexus LC at SEMA starting on Halloween, you'll have to wait a bit longer to see the movie itself. "Black Panther" doesn't come out until Feb. 16, 2018.

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