Lexus HS250h, luxury with a dab of efficiency

We like that the HS250h packs a good deal of cabin tech and luxurious refinements, but we wonder if the decidedly average fuel economy is worth the additional complexity of the hybrid drivetrain.

The Lexus HS250h is no canyon carver, but in Power mode it's no slouch either.
Antuan Goodwin/CNET

When we were introduced to Lexus' new hybrid, we were assured that the HS250h was more than just a Toyota Prius with a premium price tag. Having spent time with the "world's first dedicated hybrid luxury vehicle," we can safely say that in many ways, it is a very different animal.

Most obviously, the HS has a standard-issue sedan profile instead of the Prius' efficiency blob shape. The HS also has a bigger engine (2.4-liters) and a more refined suspension. Better interior materials and a higher grade of available cabin tech and safety tech combine to create a very pleasant behind-the-wheel experience.

However, with more power, more weight, and more features comes an increased thirst for fuel. While the HS250h's fuel economy is still better than the competition in its price class, we can't help but feel that its miles-per-gallon are a bit low for a hybrid.

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