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Lexus gettin' their Hybrid on: The 2010 RX450h

Kickin' off the week with a look at the 2010 Lexus RX450h - the H stands for hybrid, by the way.


I'm still running through notes I made when visiting the 52nd Annual International Auto Show here in my current residence of San Francisco, California regarding cars and topics to feature here in this blog. I'm still rolling-rolling-rolling like Limp Bizkit (did I spell that right?) and about to get all environmental with a video about one of the several hybrids I saw at the 2009 IAS, the 2010 Lexus RX450h.

The RX450h isn't Lexus's first foray into the mid-sized hybrid game and really it isn't all that different cosmetically from the outgoing RX400h. Likewise, based on much of what I've read about the RX450h that it isn't all that better for the environment or fuel economy than it's gas guzzling Lexus counterparts. But it ain't all bad - it's as plush and fashionable as one might expect a Lexo to be, and just the fact that Lexus has been making a concerted effort to jump on the hybrid bandwagon in the end is probably a good thing.