Lexus F Sport nears the dawn of a 'new era'

An incredibly brief teaser hints at big things to come from the F Sport division.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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Lexus F Sport teaser

What, oh what, is this for?


Lexus is two for two with mysterious teasers for the brand's future this month. Following a brief look at the brand's upcoming design makeover at the beginning of February, the company released a sole photo of the F Sport badge declaring, "A new era of F Sport performance vehicles is coming." That's it, that's the announcement.

Lexus did not immediately return a request for comment when I pried for a little more information, since the statement is open to multiple interpretations. Do keep in mind, "F Sport" isn't the same as the full-blown "F" badge. The latter denotes the pinnacle of Lexus performance vehicles, while the "F Sport" is a sporty step up from a standard Lexus. An F Sport model exists for a number of vehicles the Japanese luxury brand sells today, including everything from the tiny UX to the LS sedan. That leads me to believe we're not talking about some brawling, high-horsepower introduction, but perhaps a rethinking of what it means when a car wears the F Sport badge.

This isn't a final dot connection, but Lexus did tease an unnamed concept car set to debut this spring. It was part of the makeover news the brand shared this month, but we also don't know a thing about the concept car. Is it electric? Electrified? Is the F Sport sub-brand going hybrid, perhaps? We'll know more soon, hopefully. After downloading the teaser photo seen above, the file name reads "2022 Teaser 1," so we're definitely in for more, likely surrounding a future vehicle.

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