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Lexus CT 200h gets the F Sport treatment

Lexus unveiled an F Sport accessory package for its new CT 200h hybrid hatchback in Sydney.

Lexus unveiled the CT 200h F Sport in Sydney.
Lexus unveiled the CT 200h F Sport in Sydney. Lexus

Lexus' new CT 200h hybrid hatchback has only been on the road for for about a month, but Lexus is already heating it up with an F Sport package, which it debuted recently at the Australian International Motor Show (AIMS) in Sydney.

For those unaware, F Sport is the Lexus analogue to Toyota's TRD division, producing performance accessories for Lexus vehicles. We've driven a few F Sport-kitted IS 350s and enjoyed the mild performance boost gained with the uprated parts, and we know that Lexus is trying to give the CT 200h a Honda CR-Z-esque performance bent, but we have to admit that the idea of a CT 200h F Sport makes about as much sense to us as a TRD Prius.

To the point, the CT 200h's F Sport package boosts performance with larger (and presumably wider) wheels and a suspension package that's been massaged for better handling. Along with the suspension tweaks, the CT 200h F Sport model will feature what Lexus calls a "body performance damper," which supposedly improves ride and handling without a huge weight penalty. A thicker steering wheel and new pedals may help performance, but they probably fall more into the styling category along with the tinted glass, unique dash and door panel trim, F Sport badging, and optional Flame Blue color.

Lexus plans to introduce the CT 200h in the Australian market in the first half of 2011. The automaker hasn't announced plans to bring the F Sport parts or packages to the North American market, but we'd be genuinely surprised if it did not.