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Lexus concept for LA heralds convertible update

Lexus released a teaser photo today of a new concept car for the Los Angeles auto show next week. The open-top concept looks like a successor to the current IS C convertible model.

Lexus LF-C2 concept teaser
Lexus released this teaser photo of the LF-C2 concept car, to debut at the Los Angeles auto show next week. Lexus

Lexus' lineup only features one convertible, but a new convertible concept car teased today likely won't change that number. Lexus released a photo revealing more than a few details of the LF-C2 concept car it will debut at the Los Angeles auto show next week.

Typical for teaser photos, the picture of the Lexus LF-C2 concept car disguises details, merely showing the silhouette of the concept on a moonlit plain. The major design features revealed are the concept's convertible top and a straight beltline with a nice curve down toward the nose.

Comparing the photo to the current Lexus IS C model, however, concept and car are remarkably alike in size. Like the IS C, the LF-C2 appears to be a four-seater with two doors. Considering the current IS C is based on the previous-generation IS model, before the 2015 IS model year update, the LF-C2 is likely a preview of what a convertible based on the new IS model will look like.

Lexus describes the LF-C2 as an "exciting new open-air concept," and will be conducting an Internet media campaign for the concept's launch at what it calls the 72-hour Eclipse reveal Web site.

So at this time, it doesn't look like Lexus is getting into roadster territory yet.