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Lexus in for a brand makeover, starting with new concept car this year

The Japanese luxury brand will introduce the unnamed concept car this spring, which will show off the brand's future direction.

Lexus concept car teaser
This looks radically different for Lexus.

Lexus promised big things in store this year as it revealed on Monday its 2020 global sales results. On the numbers, sales went up, down and then up again amid the coronavirus pandemic. The news that really stuck out in the announcement is the brand's intention for a makeover, starting this year.

Things will kick off with a new concept car this spring and Lexus provided a teaser, too. Most noticeable is the lack of the "L" badge on this concept car. Instead, designers decided to spell "Lexus" on the rear of this unnamed vehicle. 

I did some Photoshop magic (ahem) and brightened the image to try and get a better look at what looks like a sedan or coupe, but it still doesn't show much off. The car looks pretty wide with taillights unlike cars currently at Lexus dealers, and it looks as though they may sit within a light bar, like the Porsche Taycan. The bottom of the bumper also has some angular lines, and the distinct lack of exhaust outlets makes me think this is an electric car. Lexus won't say any more, so these are just educated guesses for now.

While we'll learn more about the car this spring, the brand said it plans to detail more about the company's strategy. It plans to launch its first car under the rebranded mantra this year, too. It's not clear where the car will land or if the US will even partake in the first part of the festivities, but it's clear Lexus has big plans a comin'.

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