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Lexus boss: LF-Ch hybrid good for U.S.

Lexus considers turning its LF-Ch hybrid concept into a production car.

Automotive News

Automotive News

LOS ANGELES--Lexus' LF-Ch hybrid concept should be turned into a production vehicle and sold in the United States, said division General Manager Mark Templin.

The compact five-door hatchback debuted at the Frankfurt auto show in September and was shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show last week. If approved for production, the LF-Ch would compete with such models as the BMW 1 series and Audi A3. Lexus said the concept is a response to the growing demand, especially from young urbanites, for smaller and more fuel-efficient cars.

"We're showing it in North America to see if it can compete," Templin said. "We'll survey people to see how they feel about it. I would love to see this car in the U.S." Templin did not say when a decision would be made.

(Source: Automotive News)