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Lexus April Fools' Day prank uses V2V against left-lane hogs

This is one joke that I wish were real.


April Fools' Day is on a weekend this year, and Lexus is one of the companies that's jumping the gun. But oh, how I wish the automaker's prank were a real thing.

Lexus Lane Valet relies on two big automotive advancements -- autonomous driving and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications. If you run into a left-lane hog, engage Lane Valet, and V2V will connect to the car ahead and shift the vehicle into the correct line. It says the lane change is "careful but prompt," which is how I wish every left-lane hog would move over.

"An appropriate vehicle speed without excessive braking offers optimal fuel efficiency, better traffic flow and decreased driver frustration," said Brian Bolain, general manager for Lexus product marketing, in a statement I wish were real. "We're just trying to give everyone the best possible driving experience."

This prank isn't limited to the internet, either. Lexus will run the above video as an actual advertisement during the NCAA Men's Final Four game on Saturday, April 1, and during the encore presentation of that evening's Saturday Night Live episode. Hopefully, it'll convince real left-lane hogs to get with the program.