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Lewis Hamilton wins 2009 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix

Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton chalked up his second victory of the F1 season by coming out victorious at the Singtel Singapore Grand Prix this last weekend. This slide show video presents the glorious sights of this exciting race.


The 2009 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix has come and gone over this past weekend, and what an exciting race it turned out to be. Noted F1 driver Lewis Hamilton (the 2008 F1 champion and boyfriend to super hottie Nicole Scherzinger of Pussycat Dolls fame) in his McLaren-Mercedes went from pole to checkered flag to win the race, followed by Timo Glock and Fernando Alonso finishing at the 2nd and 3rd spots respectively. To be fair, close rival Sebastian Vettel committed a white line penalty out of the pit which helped Hamilton secure the victory, but all things considered it was a fine outing for the defending F1 champion.

The qualifiers, practices and actual race of the Singtel Singapore Grand Prix took place from September 25-27 2009, with racing both night and day, making this one of the more unique professional auto races in modern times. The colorfully lighted atmosphere of this racing environment makes it a choice subject for photographers, and that is perhaps why the best web video for this event comes in the form of the slide show. This clip features some damn good photos from the event, and at the end we get to see Lewis Hamilton with his victory and enjoying it at the official race coronation. This marks just the second win for Hamilton over 14 F1 events, and time is running out for the defending champ if he expects to be the top dog in Formula 1 once again. Good luck!