Lewis Hamilton vs. Felipe Massa for the Formula One Championship

Lewis Hamilton's news notability in conjunction to Felipe Massa didn't begin at this year's Hungarian Grand Prix. This video celebrates Lewis Hamilton's first Formula One World Championship as he edged out Felipe Massa for the title in 2008.

Gary Spencer
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A couple of weekends ago at the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix, two Formula One race car drivers made headlines, but for very different reasons. Reigning F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton chalked up his first victory of the 2009 season by finishing first at the race, and Felipe Massa suffered a career-threatening crash and injury that has pretty much ended his hope for a world title this season. I've blogged about these subjects in greater depth (i.e., more depth than I've written in this specific blog) earlier this week, so I'll spare you the repeat (and since some readers seem to think that this blog should be news and details down to the Nth degree - see my comments from yesterday's blog if you're interested).

Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa are no strangers to each other. They have crossed each others paths in competition long before the Hungarian Grand Prix back in July. In fact, Hamilton's edging out of Massa in the final race of the 2008 season is what ultimately made Hamilton the F1 champion that year. So I thought it was appropriate that I show a video compilation (with a fitting musical soundtrack by System of a Down) featuring highlights of Hamilton vs. Massa from the thrilling race at the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix.

The 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix was extremely important to Lewis Hamilton as he needed to finish the race at fifth place or better to become the F1 World Champion. This race was also important to Felipe Massa, as he was not only a contender for world champion status, but he also had a chance to celebrate such a major victory in his native country of Brazil. It all came down to the very last lap. After a rain-related setback earlier, Hamilton managed to make up for lost time upon approaching the final lap, eventually racing neck-and-neck with Felipe Massa. The finish was extremely close, but Hamilton managed to just barely squeak ahead of Massa to finish 5th, and Hamilton was ultimately declared the 2008 Formula 1 World Champion.

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