Lego Technic's new Land Rover Defender kit is mean and green (and maybe the 2020 Defender?)

With three differentials, a working gearbox and a winch, this 2,573-piece kit should help curb any latent Camel Trophy fantasies you may have.

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With a working four-speed gearbox and winch, this thing looks like it'd be too much fun to actually play with.

The Brothers Brick

There are plenty of people on the Roadshow staff that are way more invested in the whole Lego Technic ecosystem than I am. Frankly, I'm more of a Star Wars Lego traditionalist, if I'm honest. So then, it was surprising even to me how badly I found myself wanting Lego's new Defender set when I saw it.

The set (p/n 42110) -- the first Technic to be available with olive green plastic -- found its way onto the excellent Lego enthusiast site The Brothers Brick on Friday and into my heart shortly after that. The kit is typically involved and complicated as one would expect of a large Technic set and includes a working four-speed sequential gearbox, three differentials and a working winch.

The one area where I feel personally let down by Lego's 2,573-piece Landy is the fact that it has independent suspension. This might be enough to send the Defender faithful into fits of keyboard hammering rage, but I find it merely disappointing. The real classic Defender had solid axles and was a more competent off-roader and more abysmal on-roader for it but if this is in fact an unintentionally leaked image of a kit based on the forthcoming 2020 Defender, then your keyboards should be safe.

Jaguar didn't have a comment on whether or not the Lego kit depicts the 2020 Defender, but I'd lean towards yes, if I were a betting man.

Word 'round the schoolyard, according to The Brothers Brick, is that the Defender kit is supposed to hit store shelves in October of 2019, but the Lego mothership hasn't yet confirmed that information. Pricing is assumed to hover at around the $200 mark.

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