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Lego Ford Explorer made of 380,000 bricks, but you can't drive it

A Ford Explorer created from more than 380,000 Lego bricks marks the beginning of a long-term alliance between Ford and Legoland in Florida.

A unique Ford Explorer rolling off the line today at the Chicago Assembly Plant will feature the model's trademark design with one notable distinction. This Ford Explorer is created from more than 380,000 Lego bricks and marks the beginning of a long-term alliance between Ford and Legoland Florida theme park. Ford

This is definitely not your average Ford Explorer rolling down the lines at the Chicago Assembly Plant. The bright red, full-size re-creation is made of 380,000 Lego bricks.

Ford today announced the unveiling of the Lego Explorer; a lifelike replica that took 2,500 hours (about three and a half months) to create.

The Legoland Florida-edition Explorer debuted in Chicago, but will soon be headed to the new 150-acre Legoland Florida theme park just outside Orlando.

According to Ford, the vehicle will be loaded onto a trailer with transparent sides so motorists can see the Lego Explorer on its road trip to Florida. The sunshine state's latest theme park will open Oct. 15.

"We're less than a month from opening and the anticipation level is incredibly high," Legoland Florida General Manager Adrian Jones said in a press release. "This is the only park of its kind in the world built exclusively for kids ages 2 to 12, and it will be a total departure from anything families with young children have seen before. It's a completely immersive experience, engaging kids' imaginations and their sense of adventure through interactive play."

The bright red Legoland Florida edition Explorer, created by 22 designers, weighs 2,654 pounds and is supported by a 768-pound interior aluminum base. Ford