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Watch this Lego Ferrari F40 come together in under a minute

Too busy to put more than 1,000 pieces together on your own? That's what the Internet is for.

Lego's been catering to automotive enthusiasts for years, but its Creator set is one of the best yet. Creator sets make use of typical Lego bricks, instead of the radically different Technic pieces, yet the cars come out pretty darn lifelike. Lego's Ferrari F40 is a great example, and now you can watch the pieces come together without having to build it yourself.

Hagerty, which supplies insurance for classic-car owners, put together a time-lapse video of the Lego Creator Ferrari F40 set. All 1,158 pieces are snapped into place in the course of a minute, thanks to a time-lapse video that removes the hours spent searching through bags and perusing instruction manuals. If you like Lego, but you're lazy, this is a great way to live vicariously.

The ubiquitous toy brick company has a few other vehicular Creator sets, including a Volkswagen bus and an equally old-school Mini Cooper. The F40 retails for $99 (€84.99 in Europe, which converts to £61.37 or AU$129.26). If you want to spend a bit more coin for greater detail and some trick moving parts, check out the brand's Technic lineup, as well.