Adventurers, meet your connected smart bikes from LeEco

Aimed at active users, these road and mountain bikes have GPS navigation and fitness tracking built-in.

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LeEco, the video-streaming, phone- and TV-making, smart car-demoing mega-company based in China, is adding more bicycles to its seemingly endless line of devices. Though we've seen prototypes of smart bicycles from it before (see our video below), these new bikes are debuting at CES 2017 and will come to the US in the second quarter of this year.

Though one is a road bike and the other is a mountain bike, both have a 4-inch touchscreen attached to their frames, which run a version of Google's Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system that's specifically tailored for bicycles.

In addition to on-screen directions that feature turn-by-turn navigation for bicyclists, you'll get a compass, a barometer and a speedometer. The bikes can also play music (both online and off), and you can talk to other LeEco smart bike owners via on-board walkie-talkie technology.

The LeEco Smart bike is a fitness tracker you can ride

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You can also log your bike rides, share your rides with other people and keep track of fitness and performance goals with the LeEco bike app.

All the accompanying gadgetry attached to these bikes is water resistant, and the display itself is powered by a Snapdragon 410 processor and a 6,000mAh rechargeable battery.

Again, the smart-technology between both bikes is similar. Where they differ, however, is with their mechanical biking components. Key specs include:

LeEco Smart Road Bike

  • Aerodynamic Toray T700 carbon fiber frame, fork, seat post, handlebar and wheels
  • 18.5 pounds (8.4 kg)
  • 11-speed one-by drivetrain
  • Single chain ring up front, wide-range cassette in back
  • Dual-pivot technology, shift/brake levers, lightweight carbon-fiber handlebar

LeEco Smart Mountain Bike

  • Toray T700 carbon-fiber frame and handlebar
  • SR Suntour XCR Air front fork
  • 27.5-inch/650b diameter wheelset
  • 26.9 pounds (12.2 kg)
  • 11-speed one-by drivetrain
  • Single chain ring crankset, rear derailleur
  • 11-42 tooth cassette
  • Hydraulic brake set

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