Driver in custody after runway car chase at Los Angeles International Airport

The driver's motives are unclear, though they had taped "SOS" on the hood of their Mazda3.

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Kyle Hyatt

Driving around Los Angeles International Airport is a real pain. I know, I've been living here for almost a decade, and LAX has never not been a giant hassle. Despite that, I've never been so over it that I crashed through a gate and zoomed around on active runways, but that's what an unidentified driver of a hatchback did on Thursday, according to a report by CBS This Morning.

The car, a silver second-generation Mazda3 hatchback with "SOS" written on the hood, burst through a chain-link gate near the FedEx freight terminal at LAX and then led police on a chase across two busy runways before coming to a stop in front of a private plane terminal.

At the time of publication, police haven't released the driver's name or motive, but interestingly, Prince Harry was at LAX getting ready to fly back to the UK for the unveiling of a statue dedicated to his mother, the late Princess Diana. It's unclear if the two things are related, but The Sun reported that the prince's flight left just 45 minutes after the chase concluded.

No injuries were reported, and the airport's runways were back up and running shortly after the suspect was taken into custody.

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