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Get a good-as-new Range Rover Classic from 1978

It's the latest vehicle to come from the automaker's "Reborn" series of extensively restored classics.

Range Rover Reborn
Land Rover

Keeping the past alive is an important tradition at Jaguar Land Rover. It restarted the XKSS program late last year, and this year, it's comprehensively restoring some old Range Rovers.

Land Rover Classic's 'Reborn' program will expand to include the 1978 Range Rover Classic. 10 examples will undergo an insanely extensive restoration process, which will see the cars restored to the original 1970s factory specification. Land Rover's team will help buyers source the best possible blank slate.

Now this is some old-school cool.

Land Rover

The Range Rover you see here is the first of these restorations. Finished in Bahama Gold, this Range Rover Classic boasts a 132-horsepower, 3.5-liter V8 gas engine. It also features a four-speed manual (!) transmission and a locking center differential. It might seem too expensive to take off-roading, but you could if you wanted to.

This is the second vehicle to enter Land Rover's "Reborn" program. The first was the Land Rover Series I, which is just a bit less fancy than a '78 Range Rover. Jaguar has a similar program with its XKSS, but instead of restoring old cars, it's building brand new ones to original factory specifications. It comes with a ludicrous price tag, to boot -- north of $1 million.

Keeping that in mind, Range Rover Reborn is practically a bargain. Land Rover says that the restoration process will start from £135,000, which converts to $171,000 at the time of writing. That's a fair amount of scratch, but considering you're basically getting a "new" '78 Range Rover Classic, it's actually a pretty solid bargain.