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Go ahead, try and flip it: 2017 Range Rover Sport trains a camera on trailers

You might not be able to see all the tech Land Rover added to the Range Rover Sport, but when you need it, you'll be happy it's there. Also, please don't actually try to flip it.

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You can now order your Range Rover Sport in additional colors, as well. Neat!

Land Rover

Everyone likes to joke that Range Rovers are in their natural environment when parked outside a Barneys or Saks. But, don't forget, Range Rovers are some of the more proven and capable utility vehicles on sale today, and its midrange offering is about to get even more useful for the 2017 model year.

Tech updates underpin the majority of additions to the 2017 Range Rover Sport. Advanced Tow Assist steers the vehicle as the driver uses a rotary knob to tell the car what direction the attached trailer needs to move. It will also alert the driver if a jackknife is imminent, both of which can be immensely helpful to folks who don't trailer things regularly.

Low Traction Launch helps drivers make a getaway from a standstill on surfaces with low coefficients of friction by controlling torque output. Land Rover's All-Terrain Info Center, which displays a wealth of off-road-friendly information on the infotainment touchscreen, now features a system that will use the vehicle's cameras to help drivers navigate tricky sections of ground.

One bit of tech that most drivers should notice, however, is the Range Rover Sport's all-new touchscreen infotainment system. InControl Touch Pro is also loaded on a number of Jaguar Land Rover's other vehicles, and it features a 10.2-inch touchscreen with vastly improved hardware. There's also a corresponding app that drivers can use to check data, unlock the vehicle or adjust the HVAC. The navigation system can also learn your daily routine, suggesting alternate routes when your standard route is jammed up.

Its safety systems feature a boost, as well. Standard safety equipment includes rear parking sensors, lane departure warning and autonomous emergency braking. Opt for the Drive Pack, and you can add blind spot monitor, traffic sign recognition and a new speed limiter that holds your speed based on the traffic signs the vehicle reads. Drive Pro Pack adds adaptive cruise control, active blind-spot assist and lane-keep assist into the equation.

The 2017 Range Rover Sport goes on sale later this year, and it'll start at $65,650.