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Watch a classic Range Rover restore itself in stop-motion

This might be one of the coolest and most unique car videos we've ever seen.

People love old Land Rovers, often past the point where they should. They'll go to extraordinary lengths to keep their slow, plodding, unwieldy rigs on the road (and off of it in many cases). That's certainly the case with this guy George who decided to save a first-generation Range Rover from the junkyard.

The restoration took three years and involved a great deal of learning along the way, so he decided to film the process. In stop-motion. The completed video is about an hour and a half long, and we found out about it through the incredible UK car mag MotorPunk, the editor of which is none other than Carfection contributor Dick von Duisberg, in a post made on Thursday.

The video would be impressive even if it were just an ordinary build vlog, but the inherent magic of stop-motion -- watching nuts and bolts screw themselves in, seeing panels come off of their own accord -- makes it a pretty special thing.

Kick back, get ready for a long weekend and give it a watch.

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