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Velar is the first new Range Rover in a decade

It's designed to slot in between the Evoque and Sport.


Land Rover has a new baby on the way, and like every other parent in 2017, it's given the baby a weird ol' name.

Say hello to the Range Rover Velar family of utility vehicles. Full details will be made available on March 1, but from Land Rover's teaser, we know it's sized to slot between the compact Evoque and the slightly larger Sport. It's rumored that Velar is based off the Jaguar F-Pace, which would make sense, given its size.

You'll never hear me complain about a glass roof this large. It's gorgeous!

Land Rover

Land Rover's talking heads say that the car "changes everything," but more likely than not, it's just a utility vehicle with a more coupe-like rear end, which is the current trend. That would put it in contention with smaller, sportier crossovers from the Porsche Macan to the Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class Coupe and BMW X4.

Land Rover also says the car takes a "visually reductive" approach. That shouldn't be too hard, because Range Rover interiors are generally pretty simple, with lots of straight, clean lines, something I quite enjoy.

The name Velar comes from Land Rover's original Range Rover prototypes and is derived from the Latin velaris, which means "to veil or cover." That makes sense for a prototype that's supposed to be under wraps, but on a production model, it sounds all exotic and mysterious.

We'll know more on March 1, and there's a good chance it'll show up at the Geneva Motor Show or shortly thereafter.

This infographic is a very complicated way to say, "This is the first Range Rover Velar."

Land Rover