Land Rover teases new Defender, promises more info on Dec. 27

Now that's one heck of a holiday gift.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

Land Rover has been hard at work reinventing its hallowed Defender SUV, but most of us didn't think we'd be hearing about it for a couple more years. In that sense, Land Rover came out of left field with a solid gift this holiday season.

Land Rover tweeted out a teaser for its next-gen Defender on Tuesday. The tagline, "Do not unwrap until 2019," leads us to believe that Land Rover will unveil the Defender next year. In a separate email to journalists, the same teaser said to expect more information on Dec. 27, in the middle of a week usually reserved for news of little interest.

The teaser is pretty low-res, so sussing out details isn't exactly possible at this juncture. Yet, we can at least tell that Land Rover decided to keep the Defender's boxy good looks in its overhaul, a move that's bound to sit right with Land Rover's staunchest fanboys and fangirls.

The front end is completely obscured, so that's where we're likely to see the greatest changes over Defenders past. A near-complete lack of rear overhang means it should be plenty capable off the beaten path, as well. We might not have an idea of when the full thing will debut, but considering the teasers are starting now, a Geneva Motor Show debut in March makes for a good first guess. 

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