Land Rover Recalls Nearly 19,000 Evoques Over Faulty Airbag Module Software

The fault can cause the airbag light to illuminate at the wrong time, which could then cause the vehicle's airbags to not deploy in the event of a real crash.

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If you own a 2020 Evoque, you may have wonky airbags.

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is issuing a recall for 18,824 2020 models over concerns that a falsely illuminated airbag warning light could cause the vehicle's airbags to not deploy in the event of an actual crash.

This recall stems from flawed supplemental restraint system (SRS) module software, and so the fix for the issue is relatively simple, involving only a software update. Like all recall work, this update will be performed free of charge by your local Land Rover dealer.

Land Rover expects to notify owners of affected vehicles on or around April 14, 2022, via mail. If you believe your Evoque is one of those affected and you have questions about the recall, you can reach out to Land Rover customer service at 1-800-637-6837 and reference recall number N664.

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