Land Rover draws a Defender in the snow for 70th birthday

Land Rover looks great for its age.

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Land Rover

I'm not sure who's tracking the record for "world's most remote Land Rover Defender outline," but the company believes it's broken that record with one seriously off-the-radar expedition.

Land Rover has created an 820-foot outline of the classic Defender SUV as part of the automaker's 70th-birthday celebration. The outline was drawn in the snow of the French Alps, at an elevation of nearly 9,000 feet. Simon Beck, a snow artist (go figure) used his feet to create the outline in the midst of freezing temperatures and, presumably, no LTE signal.

The outline looks pretty beefy, so it's fairly obvious that Beck didn't complete the whole thing in one loop. In fact, it took 10.2 miles of walking and 20,894 steps in total to create the outline. I am hoping he at least got a ride to the outline's location, otherwise his legs are going to be sore.

Land Rover made this outline as part of a larger announcement. The automaker will celebrate April 30 as World Land Rover Day, marking 70 years to the day since the original Land Rover's debut at the 1948 Amsterdam Motor Show.

That day, Land Rover will host a livestream from the UK that will feature people who had a hand in creating a wide variety of the SUVs that Land Rover has released, from the original in 1948 all the way to the Discovery in 1989.

Land Rover draws a line in the snow for its 70th birthday

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