Land Rover Defender halts production due to semiconductor shortage

This break in production for its most popular new model is bad news for Land Rover.

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Kyle Hyatt
2021 Land Rover Defender 90
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2021 Land Rover Defender 90

If you have an order in for a new Land Rover Defender, then you might have a long wait ahead of you.


The Defender has been a big hit for the brand since it launched last year. Unfortunately, the global silicon shortage is forcing Land Rover to pump the brakes on Defender production at the plant in Slovakia that builds it, according to a report published on Tuesday by Automotive News Europe.

The stoppage will affect the production of both the 110 and 90 variants of Defender. While the Nitra, Slovakia plant also builds the Discovery SUV, it's unclear if the shortage will or has already started to affect that model.

"Like other automotive manufacturers, we are currently experiencing some COVID-19 supply-chain disruption, including the global availability of semiconductors, which is having an impact on our production schedules," said Land Rover representatives in a statement.

Land Rover is unsure when production will restart since there is no clear end in sight to the semiconductor shortage, but according to an investor call with Land Rover Chief Financial Officer Adrian Mardell, there are already over 100,000 Defender orders on the books, so hopefully it can find a solution quickly.