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Land Rover is starting customer deliveries of US Defender 110

That's right, the gnarliest Land Rover we've seen since the last Defender is finally here.

2020 Land Rover Defender OGI
But seriously, Land Rover, no Sandglow?
Emme Hall/Roadshow

To say that we haven't been waiting for the Land Rover Defender to hit the US like dogs waiting for a mail carrier ever since Emme Hall got back from the launch in Africa would be a lie. We're stoked, to say the least. That's why when Land Rover announced on Monday that it was beginning to roll out the four-door Defender 110 to US dealers, we flipped.

That's right, as of today, Land Rover's US dealer network is starting to get small shipments of Defenders so that people who ordered them early can begin getting their vehicles delivered. Oh, and also so that prospective buyers can check them out in person.

The Defender 110 -- in case you forgot or are living under a rock -- is Land Rover's long-awaited reboot of its legendary Defender SUV and the first Defender to hit US shores since the late 1990s.

"After too long of an absence, the Land Rover Defender is once again here in the US," Jaguar Land Rover North America president and CEO Joe Eberhardt said in a statement. "In the coming months, we will ramp up availability as global circumstances allow. We want to thank all those customers, enthusiasts, retailers, employees and logistics partners for their enthusiasm and commitment to making this a reality. The automotive landscape is certainly brighter with the new Defender in our showrooms, driveways and roads."

The Defender 110 is based on Land Rover's new all-aluminum D7x platform and is powered by either a four- or six-cylinder gasoline engine. It's also packing all kinds of high-zoot off-roading tech like a multispeed transfer case, selectable terrain response modes and locking differentials.

On the continuum of Land Rover vehicles that ranges from "Only gives a damn about off-road stuff" to "Superswank but also somehow really good at off-road stuff" the Defender lands closer to the former than just about any other Landy since the last Defender, and that's really saying something.

Pricing for the Defender 110 starts at a shockingly reasonable $49,900, placing it just above the far more urbane Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque.

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