Lamborghini teases new concept for MIT EmTech

The automaker refers to its concept as the future of supercars.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Late last year, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Lamborghini announced quite the interesting partnership. Now, we're getting close to seeing the fruits of their combined labor.

Lamborghini posted a teaser of a new concept to its social media channels on Friday. The automaker will reveal "the future of super sports cars" at MIT's EmTech conference, which focuses on emerging technologies and takes place from Nov. 6 to 9.

LEDs don't make something futuristic, but they sure don't hurt its prospects.


From what we can see, which isn't much, there's a gnarly set of LED running lights that covers a good bit of the front fascia. The headlights look to be LED units, too. Otherwise, the front end looks like your average Lamborghini, in that it's angular and low.

Last October, Lamborghini and MIT entered into a partnership to look at the future of Lamborghini's high-end sports cars. At the time, board member Maurizio Reggiani told me that their work wouldn't affect this next generation of cars, but the one thereafter. There wasn't much discussion of specifics, but one quote he had stuck with me: "The customer cannot accept a lack of emotion."

Let's hope there's plenty of it when Lamborghini debuts its new concept next week.