Lamborghini says two new V12-powered cars coming this year

Could we see a couple of new one-off cars? Or perhaps something to do with the Aventador?

Bring on the V12s!

It's never a bad day when we learn about new V12-powered cars coming, especially when they're coming from a company like Lamborghini. Last Friday, the brand delivered its 2020 sales results, and essentially, all the lines point up. Good news. The better news for us is the fact it announced two "new products based on the iconic V12."

The company provided zero other details, but it hasn't stuck the big ol' V12 in anything other than one-off supercars and the Aventador. It seems likely this will be the case again after reports that the Aventador's replacement isn't coming until later this decade, with hybrid power. We learned the V12 isn't going away (thank god) and Lamborghini plans to embrace electrification to make the engine viable in a world with tightening emissions regulations. The Sian FKP 37 showed one way forward with the use of a supercapacitor. It's not clear if a future electrified V12 will go the same route or take on a more traditional hybrid route.

In the meantime, Lamborghini will remain quite busy. CEO Stephan Winkelmann said orders for January and February exceed 2020 numbers and the Italian company has enough of them to cover nine months of production.