Lamborghini's new supercar is called 'SCV12' and packs over 830 HP

The Italian's marque's new supercar will be for the track only and produce more downforce than a GT3 car. Yowza.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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Lamborghini SCV12 teaser
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Lamborghini SCV12 teaser

Look at this thing.


Ladies and gentlemen, has given its new supercar a name. This is our first look at the Lamborghini SCV12, which will serve as a track-only, hypercar icon for the Italian marque.

Lamborghini revealed the first details on the car Tuesday, and among them, we learned this will be the company's most powerful V12 engine to date. Specifically, the automaker said the SCV12 will pack over 830 horsepower thanks to "aerodynamic supercharging at high speed." We don't exactly know what that means yet, but rest assured the V12 engine onboard is naturally aspirated and this is a rear-wheel-drive only affair.

The SCV12 won't be any typical supercar, though because Lamborghini tapped its Squadra Corse Motorsport team to help make the car the best it can be on a road course. Thus, time on the track influenced the car's shape dramatically with a double air intake on the hood and a central rib that funnels air to the hood scoop. All of the work increases air pressure for the intake manifold to help the big V12 breathe easier and better.

The overall  shape is largely hidden, thanks to the orange, black and white camouflage, but there's no denying the SCV12 will look the supercar part. Still, we spy an aggressive front splitter, fins on the side and Lamborghini says the giant rear wing is custom made just for the SCV12 -- and obviously it's made entirely of carbon fiber.

Lamborghini SCV12 looks like a good time and a half

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Squadra Corse made the SCV12 a real labor of love when it comes to the chassis, too. The bones here are made entirely from carbon fiber to boost the power to weight ratio, and the chassis incorporates the transmission -- a six-speed sequential gearbox -- as part of the car's structure for some clever packaging and weight savings. The pushrod rear suspension fits right to the transmission. Rubber comes from Pirelli which has developed specific racing slicks to wrap 19- and 20-inch front and rear magnesium wheels.

Lamborghini isn't sharing how many SCV12 models it plans to build, but it can't be many judging by the customer treatment each owner will receive. With the purchase of the supercar,  each owner will get access to advanced driving programs, including a tutoring program from Emanuele Pirro. He's won the 24 Hours of Le Mans five times, so he sort knows what he's doing.

We'll see the SCV12 revealed fully this summer.

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