Lamborghini's next Aventador keeps its naturally aspirated V12, gains a hybrid system

We're not sure if it'll be a battery-based system or a supercapacitor-based system like the Sian's.

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2020 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster

It's big, powerful, loud, turbo-free and here to stay.


big-boy Aventador has been around since 2011, and while it's seen numerous updates and submodels, it's getting a little long in the tooth. That's why it's not surprising that rumors circulate about its replacement. Still, the latest rumor -- and one that was confirmed by Lamborghini Chief Technical Officer Maurizio Reggiani to Car & Driver recently -- is a big one.

We're talking about the Aventador's massive (and massively powerful) naturally aspirated V12 engine. It's a special engine for many reasons, but the fact that it remains naturally aspirated in a world of downsized and turbocharged powerplants is a big deal. To keep it around longer while still modern and emissions compliant, Lamborghini has decided to add a hybrid system.

That may sound surprising, but the groundwork for this change has already been laid with the Sian hypercar that Lamborghini debuted earlier this year. That car produced an astonishing 819 horsepower thanks to a system of electric motors and supercapacitors. 

Supercapacitors, like batteries, store energy for future use, but unlike batteries, they can charge and discharge incredibly quickly. They're also significantly lighter than batteries. The whole hybrid system in the Sian only added 75 pounds to the weight of the conventional drivetrain.

It's not clear if Lamborghini will go with a system like the Sian's or if it will use a more traditional battery-based hybrid system. Still, either way, we're glad that the manic shriek of that big, beautiful naturally aspirated V12 will live on.

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