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Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera: Call it Un-mellow Yellow. CNET On Cars, Episode 6

Fast. Light. And yellow. We'll fly, er, drive the lightest Lamborghini...pump up the smartest tires you've ever met...and see what James Bond really drove.

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I've been reviewing about 100 cars a year for CNET Car Tech since 2005, but until now, never had a Lamborghini darken my doorstep. That changes this week as we take you into the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. Now, you know me, I seldom like to follow the well-worn path when cars come in. I've shown the miserable failings of some of the most celebrated cars on earth, and stacked up the heroic strengths of some of the most pedestrian. In the case of this breathlessly over-covered supercar, I wanted to get to the essence of how its light weight is essential to what it's like to drive it. I hope you'll enjoy that focus, and some great photography and editing by our CNET On Cars team.

Next time you get in your car, odds are pretty strong that you'll be rolling on at least one tire masquerading as a marshmallow, very underinflated. State Farm tells me some 27 percent of cars have at least one tire that is really low, and that's a mockery of your car's precision engineering. That's a disconnect that many people fail to see. We try to change your mind about low tires in this episode's Smarter Driver segment, as well as take a look at the very cool Nissan Easy Fill Tire Alert technology in our Car Tech 101. It's a tire inflation fiesta, and then I'm done harping on this topic!

Finally, I'm a huge 007 fan, and this episode comes just a couple days after the debut of "Skyfall," the Bond film that marks the 50th year of the commander on the screen. But since you've already seen too many predictable James Bond lists lately, I cut the other way: Top 5 James Bond cars from the Fleming novels. Its a fun trip down the road with some cars that you may not have realized were Bond-connected, but that will make perfect sense once you do.

Next episode we go completely over the top with our first Bentley Mulsanne, a car that is such a creamy, buttery delight to drive. But even if I had the money, would I buy one? Probably not. More to follow.

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