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Lamborghini builds a family wagon

Lamborghini shows off the Estoque concept at the 2008 Paris Motor Show.

Lamborghini Estoque
No wood siding on this family wagon. CBS Interactive

Lamborghini owners must be aging, because the company just unveiled a concept four door at the 2008 Paris Motor Show. However, the Lamborghini Estate Estoque doesn't come with wood panels, instead showing design cues reminiscent of the Reventon, the limited production model unveiled at last year's Frankfurt auto show. This design language--using sharpened lines, black mesh air intakes, and LED exterior lights--looks to be the new direction for Lamborghini as it considers adding a third model to the existing Gallardo and Murcielago line-up.

Lamborghini Estoque door handle
Rear door handles nestle into the sides. CBS Interactive

Although, according to Lamborghini's news release, the Estoque could be used to take the children on a weekend trip, the model features the same tech that makes its existing cars so desirable, including all-wheel-drive. No particular engine is specified, but Lamborghini suggests the car could use the V-10 found in the Gallardo LP 560-4, or a turbocharged V-8 derived from the same engine. Unlike the Gallardo, this engine would be placed in front of the cabin, rather than behind it, but Lamborghini insists this is still a mid-engine placement.

Lamborghini Estoque
Although longer than its siblings, it's still a Lamborghini. CBS Interactive

Still keen on bull-fighting, Lamborghini chose the name for the concept from the rapier matadors use when facing a bull. Lamborghini's Estoque concept has 22-inch wheels, yet is only four and a half feet high. For instrumentation, the Estoque gets a large LCD, and the driver can choose different displays, such as virtual analog gauges or a digital read-out. Route guidance is also shown on this display. According to Lamborghini, a rear seat entertainment system would be available, because, of course, the children will get bored when riding in the back of the Estoque. There are no current plans for production.

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